About 17verdensmål.dk

A webshop of KLS PurePrint.

17Verdensmål.dk is operated by KLS PurePrint. Our objective is to be the world’s greenest printing house, which is why we are, among other things, Cradle to Cradle certified. We use the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in our constant work to become more sustainable, and the idea for the webshop arose when one of our major clients asked us if we could perhaps prepare sustainable materials that could support the company’s work with the Sustainable Development Goals both internally at the company and with regard to the surrounding world.

The idea was launched with the cubes, which were produced as sustainably as humanly possible — Cradle to Cradle certified, FSC-certified, compostable and CO2 neutral. We have since added many other products to the mix. Read more about KLS PurePrint here.

Products with your own logo

Several of the products sold on 17verdensmål.dk can be produced with the company’s own logo, if so desired. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements.

Green products

Products that illustrate that a company works with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals must naturally be sustainable! Therefore, the products on 17verdensmål.dk are carefully selected based on the most sustainable options within each individual product category.

The products have been selected and developed in order to support companies, organisations, municipalities, etc. in their work with the Sustainable Development Goals, and they are often used as eye-catchers at the company or at meetings, conferences and events. Schools and educational institutions can also benefit from the materials that contribute to improving the students’ knowledge of and insight into the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.